Trump Camp Says It Plans $10 Million TV Ad Buy

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Donald Trump’s campaign says it plans to hit the airwaves with upward of $10 million worth of television commercials over the next week or so — a substantial investment in a method of communicating with voters that the Republican presidential nominee has mostly avoided.

The Trump campaign on Monday confirmed that it plans to make the eight-figure investment. If fully realized, the ad buy would mark the campaign’s most significant effort on the airwaves to date.

The Associated Press first reported the Trump ad buy. The wire service reported that the Trump campaign plans to air ads in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. All are battleground states that have tended to swing recent elections one way or the other.

Investments in TV ads are often subject to change, as campaigns and outside groups pull back or add to existing reservations.

The buy comes as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has invested much more heavily in TV ads than Trump, leads in most recent polls in those states, with about 10 weeks left until the election.

The Trump campaign uploaded a new 30-second ad online Monday in which the narrator claims claims, “In Hillary Clinton’s America, the middle class gets crushed” while “in Donald Trump’s America, working families get tax relief.”

Labor Day weekend is typically the point in the election year when campaigns start to dramatically ramp up their ad spending, as voters begin to pay closer attention to the contest.

(c) 2016, The Washington Post · Sean Sullivan 



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