Trump Says FDA Pulled ‘Political Hit Job’ With Vaccine Rules

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President Donald Trump accused the Food and Drug Administration of carrying out a “political hit job” against him by releasing new standards that could delay authorization of a coronavirus vaccine until after the November election.

“New FDA Rules make it more difficult for them to speed up vaccines for approval before Election Day. Just another political hit job!” the president wrote in a tweet that tagged his hand-picked FDA commissioner, Stephen Hahn.

Trump, who is battling a coronavirus infection himself, commented hours after the FDA issued strict new requirements for Covid-19 vaccine applications, including a review by a panel of experts and two months of safety data. The guidelines are intended to reassure the American public any vaccine is safe and effective, amid accusations that the Trump administration’s response to the virus has been tainted by politics.

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  1. “Trump, who is battling a coronavirus infection himself” That’s a LIE! Trump does not have coronavirus or any form of this hoax virus and he was NOT in the hospital. He was tested positive by a bogus test to keep him safely quarantined.

  2. The political hit job means that President Trump who will be’ez”H be re’elected will disclose to the public that the vaccine is hydroxychloroquine, a preventative drug to cure the virus as well as cancer. Not the lethal vaccine the Gates, CDC and WHO had planned to depopulate the world with.

  3. FDA is an organization that is influenced by liberal media defined political correctness (which today means opposing anything that’s pro Trump).

    If the FDA regulated cars, with today’s climate change political correctness, we would all be riding horses.

    • baloney. the fda is looking out for the American people. while Trump is just focused on a date to release a vaccine regardless if its truly safe!

  4. The rules are sensible and based on science. The clinical trials have not been completed. We need safe and effective vaccines.

    • In that case, shouldn’t these rules have been in place long ago instead of just being released shortly before the election? The topic was suppose to be Emergency Use Authorization, which has now been changed shortly before the election to be more similar to a normal “approval process”. That is somewhat analogous to the way a fire department behaves when putting out a fire compared to the way it behaves when inspection a premise for fire violations. Certainly he latter is less destructive and safer, but that somewhat misses the point of “emergency”. So either this COVID thing is an emergency or it is not. Seems they want it both ways, and that raise suspicions.

    • You said it well about 100% right about Bill Gates, CDC and WHO’s vaccines but incorrect about the vaccine that President Trump has planned, namely, hydroxychloroquine which is a preventative and a cure.

    • maybe you don’t realize. but this covid reality is what happens without vaccines to the essentialy eradicated diseases thanks to vaccines. if you want to live in a world filled with unnecessary death continue to denigrate vaccines!


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