WATCH: Chosson and Kallah Get Picked Up After Wedding at Bais Faiga by Horse and Buggy

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  1. Such a breach of tznius! The kalla with the gown and all? And this is allowed in the so-called “Ir hatorah”?! In Bais Faiga no less?! B”H I don’t live in Lakewood. In Brooklyn we don’t do such things. Call us old fashion, but we have the basic knowledge of what paas and what paas nisht.

    • Don’t see anything wrong with this at all. It made the couple Sameach. Great.

      There are many more things in the world around us, even in Brooklyn, where I also live, that are unfortunately really not tzanuah.

    • excuse me, the one thing i can tell you is these people just arent lakewooders. as an alte lakewooder i saw lakewood triple in size ove 15 years . all these new out of towners with their hasagos move to lakewood and bring all their hashkafos and hasagos that are against all that lakewood stands for. when you see this clip you shouldn’t say: what, in lakewood? rather i would say in the dor that the people could have the chutzpa to do such things in lakewood, moshiach must be coming.
      also, don’t make fun of lakewoods status as a ir hatorah. i was in EY recently and i was speaking to a few yerushalmim and all of them, when i mentioned i was from lakewood, said in yiddish “they say about lakewood that its the yerushalayim in america”.and one thing i could tell you, they never heard of brooklyn, even its dont know how many times bigger than lakewood!!!

      • if your such a big tzadik and everything, can i know why you have internet? especially when you use it to check the news??

  2. This old fashioned transportation is a beautiful way to be mesame’each chosson kallah and as a symbol to start their lives together bederech yisroel saba, according to the footsteps of their holy ancestors. Mazel Tov.

  3. Not here to defend everything done in Lakewood by what is the breach of tznius to be picked up by a horse. Our grandparents and grandparents until quite recently always did this and I don’t follow at all your logic. It is a mode of transportation. I think a limousine is a lot worse – much more showy. But considering that they made their wedding in Bais Faiga (not Lakewood’s fanciest hall) and used a horse to get home this is not at all a very showy high maintenance couple. relax.

    • Are you suggesting that the rental of the horse and buggy with the driver is cheaper than taking an Uber? I was thinking punkt fakert. You are obviously saving money by making a takana wedding in Bais Faiga, why waste extra money on this frivolity? As far as tznius is concerned, going in a car with a chosson is private. No one sees them. Going in an open horse & buggy, they are completely exposed and every passerby can see them especially the kalla with her white gown. Kol kivuda……..

      • I am not saying that it is cheaper than an uber. I personally may have taken Uber. I also agree that they are wasting money but almost every wedding I have ever been to today involves so so much waste and of course that is not the issue. I am just asking from a tznius standpoint didn’t everyone always travel by horse ? What is the tznius issue? Didn’t everyone see the kallah at the wedding as well? Unless the buggies were closed in the old days? Is there an issur in seeing the kallah or white gown? It is a cute shtik leave him alone.

      • Btw, im sure the horse and buggy didnt take them all the way home, it probably took them to the end of the parking lot where a uber was waiting for them. 2nd, its usually the chossons friends who pay for the limo/ horse & buggy, so they arent wasting their money. i didnt know there are so many tzadikim who visit AND COMMENT on matzav ( tumene internet). also, i know that if i ever need some counseling or a simple opinion i know where to turn.. MATZAV!!

  4. The gemorah says those who learned Torah and now hate bnei torah will bite like a donkey. Some people love to bash the Ir Hatorah based on one person’s actions. Not that I understand what the breach was. Who even says they are from Lakewood. I have a chassuna tonite neither side is from Lakewood, it was just the cheapest place they could find to make the chassuna. Either way I happen to agree B”H Disappointed doesn’t live in Lakewood.

  5. Not everyone who gets married in Lakewood lives in Lakewood. Going a step further, not everyone who lives in Lakewood is originally from Lakewood. Many of the people living in Lakewood come from other places, like Brooklyn. To say that people in or from Brooklyn don’t do these things is ridiculous.
    Mazel Tov to the chosson and kallah. May they be zocheh to build a bayis ne’eman b’yisrael.

  6. The whole idea is a ” showy” thing..wherever it is…Lakewood or b.p…whether our ancestors did or didnt…is not the point…Its just a SHOW OFF thing…and nothing more. The Limo is also a showy thing. Its all about gashmius…and trying to outdue others. We need to keep it fine, eidel simple..not to open the eyes of everyone.just my humble opinion. Its sad that this is what actually makes ppl happy.

  7. I’ve been to many beautiful weddings in Bais Faiga so don’t take this the wrong way but if u could afford the shtik of horse and buggy why r u getting married in Bais Faiga ?

  8. Matzav,

    Please take this down. It is very wrong to criticize and cause potential to choson and kallah right after their chasuna
    when they aren’t breaking any halacha.

    No matter how you feel about them picked in a horse and buggy

    May they be zoche to build a bayis neman B’Yisroel

  9. Your post seems to stem more from jealousy than moral. What’s the difference of she walks in her gown or sits in her gown and all. Absolutely NO breach on tznius!! I just don’t know why the chosson sat opposite…..

  10. Mazel Tov!!! May you be zoche to build a Biyas Neman Be’Yisroel full of simcha and nachas.
    What a beautiful way to make your wedding more personal.

  11. You should all be Dan L’kav Zchus on this chosson and kallah as he is from Scranton and she is from Miami. Also, I was the one who paid for the horse and buggy, not them. By your wedding, you can walk, because you can’t get a fancy car/limo and you don’t have a smartphone to get Uber. (Plus i wont be there to get it for you.)

  12. Mazal tov Gila!!
    Please note chasans family owns a farm. So let’s not get carried away with it. She’s my cousins sister in law (my cousin is the one in the blue snood)

  13. Also how many people had smartphones there actually I saw a lot of cameras not smartphones. They are my aunts mechutanim. My mistake I think the one in the snood is a different sister in law.


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