WATCH: Donald Trump One-Hour Interview With Sean Hannity in Pittsburgh, PA, Last Night



  1. I used to think Hannity was a somewhat moral reasoned conservative. Now that I see that he’s an opportunist that puts winning before everything he preaches, I never listen to him anymore.

  2. I can’t get youtube. But I did hear a soundbite of Trump saying something about the media being worse than politicians and he specifically mentioned Hannity, which made no sense. Was that clip doctored? In that same speech in PA he also said to bring back [presumably the statue of] Joe Paterno (?!?!?) and that while he hasn’t studied NATO he has common sense and wants everyone to pay back the US. He specifically mentioned Saudi Arabia, which he claims made $1 bil a day before oil prices dropped. Great, now he wants to continue the Obama doctrine of alienating countries the US might need.


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