Watch: Duchening in the Desert

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  1. I have np with instruments being used to enhance the ruach if it’s done in a bakovedike manner. However, the kohanim clearly are not familiar with the halachos of nesias kapayim. That undermines the whole guitar playing shtick. Someone pls teach these young chevra basic halacha. Gevalt!

  2. Very nice. Making a total mockery of our holy mesora. Standing on the bed of a pickup truck. Playing guitar. Was this on Yom Tov? Why were they singing, bechlal? Who gave these pleasure seekers the right t

  3. 2 comment #5, No its not on Yom Tov, how can u film on Y”T ? (Yom Tov) in the Holy Land they Duchen everyday, in case u didn’t know. Thank u 4 sharing the video

  4. To M E:

    If it wasn’t Yom Tov, WHY WERE THEY SINGING? You don’t sing during the regular daily ducheming? I’m a Kohen and I lived in Israel for a few years. I never sang during the weekday. The only time you say the special tefilla is on Yomim tovim. These chevra were making choizik.

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