WATCH: Gingrich to GOP: “Trump’s Winning, Get Over It”

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Donald Trump has the momentum to carry him to the Republican presidential nomination, and talk of a contested convention is just a waste of time, says former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Newsmax reports.

“Now, what’s the contest?” Gingrich asked after yesterday’s sweep. “He won. And the challenge then for the Republican establishment is to get over it.”

Gingrich said he can’t figure out what the Washington establishment and the news media expects to change in coming primaries.

“Why do you think California, where Trump is ahead by at least 18 points, what is it that’s going to suddenly go sour for Trump?” he said. “What is it that’s going to go sour for him in Indiana?” Trump is “almost certainly going to have an absolute majority of the delegates before you get to the convention in Cleveland,” Gingrich said.




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