WATCH: Harlem Crowd Cheers As Sanders Rebuffs Anti-Semitic Heckler With Weak Response

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A Bernie Sanders rally in Harlem turned ugly when a man in the audience took the microphone and ranted about “Zionist Jews” controlling Wall Street and the banks.

Prefacing his question, The Hill reports, the man cited Sanders’ Jewish ancestry and the fact that he spent a year in Israel, before continuing, “As you know, the Zionist Jews – and I don’t mean to offend anybody – they run the Federal Reserve, they run Wall Street, they run every campaign.”

Sanders immediately began wagging his finger at the man and shaking is head no, while repeating, “Brother, brother, brother.”




  1. Pathetic.
    This guy repeats a line straight out of “Protocols” and the best Sanders can do is a finger wag? What would Bernie’s response have been if that audience member had also accused “Zionist Jews” of slaughtering non-Jewish children for Passover matza?


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