Watch: Huckabee: ‘Disinformation’ Spread By Media Is Frightening


Fox News contributor sounds off on ‘ridiculous’ reporting on Trump-Russia meeting



  1. i never believed that i would ever say this but i really think that our President will not last out even his 1st term. the entire media, perhaps with the exception of Fox and one or two others, is out to get him and, unfortunately, i’m afraid they are going to succeed. look, the guy is only human and no one is perfect. but, when the media literally micro-manages every step he takes and everything he says he hasnt got much of a chance. thank G-d Trump needs to use the restroom once in a while—probably the only private place he has! the media will go to any lengths, even making up stories (fake news) because even a ‘made up story’ is believed by some even if later it is proved to be false. by contrast, the media gave our previous so-called leader, barack hussein a pass on everything, a complete opposite treatment that they are dumping on Trump. i have lost complete faith in mainstream media.


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