Watch: Imam Mohamad Tawhidi Explains Why Antisemitism In Any Form Must Be Condemned

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  1. Yes, unfortunately, he is far from mainstream. If you google this man, you will find a Wikipedia page that describes him as “an Australian Muslim religious commentator and Islamic reformer, whose views are the subject of controversy.” Of course that is very different than “reforming” Judaism, lehavdil. Because Torah is Emes.

    It is somewhat encouraging to see that there is someone who is attempting to REFORM Islam, and redirect Muslims away from terrorism, violence, and extremism. Since it’s NOT Toras Moshe MiSinai, chas vesholom, I hope he becomes more successful and accepted. But at this time, he’s not. We need a yeshua from Hashem, to turn around the current movement toward radicalism in Islam. And while we’re at it, we also need Divine intervention to turn around the scourge of immorality and anti-establishment “liberalism” that are threatening the decency of Western society; along with the re-newed socialist agenda that undermines our safety and security. In this golus, we are being affected both spiritually and physically by the current popular beliefs and trends.

    Basically, we need Hashem to send us Moshiach. Bimhera Biyamenu.

  2. That is exactly what he is, according to wikipedia. He is a reformer, and at this time is not respected within the Muslim Clergy…. Hopefully he’ll start a movement or something that really takes off. Reform Judaism’s “success” is probably the work of the yetzer hora. Reform Islam isn’t going to be assisted by the yetzer hora! If his version is consistent with sheva mitzvos b’nei noach, maybe he’ll get some followers from fellow disenchanted Muslims who are seeking Emes. Who knows!


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