Watch: NJ Parents Concerned About Islam Emphasis In Curriculum

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Parents question emphasis put on the teaching of religion of Islam in a 7th grade social studies class.




  1. Islam is a peaceful religion whose purpose is to peacefully concur the world and to peacefully blowup people and to peacefully work for you for 30 years and then to peacefully stab you to death.

    You see? Islam is peaceful.

  2. Libby I agree with your position. The superintendent is totally out of line. Parents have every right to question a curriculum that is sooooo lopsided. I hope this video came to his attention.
    “Political correctness” has gone toooo far in this case.
    By the way, are you Jewish? Why don’t you indicate that?

  3. She is right, but the truth is, this whole mindset was started by Barack Obama. He was was the one that as soon as he got into office, he immediately went on a apology tour of the Muslim Countries. Obama had this vision of America, one day, being a Muslim Nation. Now we see the affects of Obama’s actions. Only Islam is allowed to be taught in the taxpayer funded public schools. Trump is correct to stop the flow of illegal Muslims into this country.

  4. Why on earth would you allow the teaching of a religion in school when you for bid the. Du splay pertaining to God by claiming separation of state and church

  5. Jews have private schools, yeshivas, to teach our children religion – separation of church and state. Let the muslims make their own private schools and then see if they can pay the tuition. But the truth is that their purpose is not only to teach their own children but to indoctrinate and spread Islam to everyone. If people don’t start catching on and putting a stop to this, the consequences will be severe.


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