Watch: Rapaport Brothers Give Our Free Food Vouchers to TSA Agents Affected by Shutdown

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The Rapaport family of Masbia Food Kitchen went around a New York airport handing out circulars offering free food/groceries to TSA agents who are not getting paid due to government shutdown.




  1. Alex and Joe Rapaport should move to East New York, Brownsville, Harlem. They can open up a soup kitchen in such places where there is much need. They can also live there to be better able to assist the poor there.

    • Exactly. Ananei earcha kodem. Don’t worry about goyim from another area so much. Take care of the struggling heimishe mishpachos in your own backyard first. Once every single Yiddishe family has what to eat (even those that are embarrassed to wait outside on line for all to see them), then you can go feed the rest of the world.

  2. Mee kiamcho yisroel. what a kidush hashem… Everything has two ways sides. All depends how you look at it. Keep it up!!

  3. These guys need a reality check.

    Alexander Rapaport was on DeBlasio’s video ( at his state of the city address last week (8:24-) saying “for Chasidic families, New York is the best place to live in”.


    When they are passing and pushing toeivah and other immorality left and right? When people are crying out about a gezeira on chinuch? For just two areas of concern.

    Yiddishkeit isn’t PR uber alles.

    Wake up Alex and Joe.


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