Watch: Rav Dovid Feinstein On the Halachic Status of Wraps

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In the following recently-taken video, Rav Dovid Feinstein, noted senior posek of North America and rosh yeshiva of Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim in New York City, is asked about the halachic status of wraps and what the appropriate brachah, both before eating it and after, would be.

Rav Feinstein seems to indicate that, in his opinion, a wrap would have the status of bread, requiring one to wash and bentch if the appropriate shiur is eaten.




  1. Great video. Thank you for sharing it with the Torah community. I have always made mezonos and will from now on wash, and bentch as the rosh yeshiva instructed.

  2. It seems the wraps that were handed to the Rosh Yeshiva have been baked somewhat (he actually remarks as such, and they don’t fold at all when held by the edge, which a raw wrap WOULD do). If so, this video has little bearing on the ongoing machlokes, as even those who hold the bracha is mezonos would agree that once it’s baked a bit it becomes Hamotzi.

  3. Nechemia, Rav Elyashiv never said they were mezonos , he just says that they have no tirusa deNeahma. The Rambam 3:9 in hilchos brachos and the poskim clearly write that one can have a chiyuv hamotzie even in absence of turisa deNehama
    עיסה שנאפת בקרקע כמו שהערביים שוכני המדברות אופים הואיל ואין עליה צורת פת מברך עליה בתחלה בורא מיני מזונות. ואם קבע מזונו עליה מברך המוציא

    It`s a complete fabrication to say anything else about Rav Elyashiv`s ZT”L opinion

  4. Bais Ment, your comment doesn’t address the previous one at all. There are many mezonos foods that would require Hamotzi if one is kovaya on them, but again that has NO bearing on this discussion. Rabbi Bodner publicized years ago in a Hakhel publication that he heard from R’ Elyashiv that wraps are Mezonos.

    • Please see the video .
      Rabbi Bodner`s son is the one asking Rav Elyashiv, He asked if it has a turisa denehama and Rav Elyashiv said no. He asked him nothing more than what was on the video. The decision of mezonos was Rav Bodner`s and not Rav Elyashiv`s. Rav Elyashiv was never asked if it`s mezonos. If you want to say mezonos you are relying on Rav Bodner not Rav Elyashiv

    • Rabbi Bodner made that decision based on the video. It is his son asking the shaila .
      If you feel they are mezonos you have a very shvere Rambam that no rishonim argue on. I don`t think that Rav Elyashiv argued on the Rambam C”V


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