Watch: Yeshiva Education Fair Highlights Secular Curriculum in Boro Park Chassidishe Schools

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Students at five Chassidishe yeshivos in Boro Park had their moment in the spotlight on Sunday, displaying both their creativity and their knowledge of science and social studies at an end of year education fair.


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  1. There is an opinion in the Gemoroh that holds that our rain comes from the waters above the Heavens, and the reasoning, says the Gemoroh, is, that it can’t come from the oceans because the oceans are salty.

  2. Hip learning is smart. Learning science and history can help bring more Mosaic interests by safer communities and lessons not repeated. To shun intelligent insight is to limit Hashem’s ability to design your mind. Life is not unlimited by ultimate avoidal of secular experience. Professions can be designed.

    Look more to combined curriculums.


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