WHO: Hot Dogs Cause Cancer

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hot dogsA World Health Organization study released Monday categorizes processed meats like hot dogs as “carcinogenic to humans,” along with asbestos and smoking.

The study adds that red meat likely causes cancer, too.

Though the 22-member panel behind the study was not unanimous, the research has raised alarms in the beef industry, which takes in some $95 billion a year.

“We simply don’t think the evidence support any causal link between any red meat and any type of cancer,” a spokesman said.

The study, it is assumed, was done on non-kosher meat. Would kosher meat be different? Who knows.

Read more at The Washington Post.

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  1. I call bunk! How could they categorize all hot dogs/red meats as unsafe? So many different varieties! I like how that one person said “life is terminal”. It sums up how people worry about every little thing life. but life has a exit point so it realy doesn’t make sense to overreact.

  2. Anonymous #6 the “Life is a terminal disease” joke is credited to a slide at a conference of doctors a few decades ago. I particularly enjoy the part about “lack of compliance” 🙂 I totally agree with you, and by the way, the study should clarify how much and how often the patients ate red meat.

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