Yerushalayim City Hall Okays Plans To Expand National Headquarters of United Hatzalah

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The Regional Planning Committee of the City of Yerushalayim, headed by Attorney Amir Shaked, ratified the plans for the expansion of United Hatzalah’s national headquarters in the Romema neighborhood. According to the plans submitted by the organization, the building will be expanded by adding six additional floors to the existing four floors.

The building is situated on the corner of Yirmiyahu and Ohaliav streets, opposite the Health Ministry building. The plans call for the addition of 3,000 square meters to the building that will allow the organization to expand its activities and increase the quality of training for its volunteers. The plans were drafted by Architect Michal De Lafergola.

The building currently serves as the national dispatch center, an educational facility and office space for the organization’s limited staff that manages the national network of 5,000 volunteers.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer praised the decision. “I want to thank the city of Jerusalem and Mayor Lion for graciously ratifying the expansion of our national headquarters that serves as a base of operations for our volunteers across the country.”

“We are already raising the funds for the construction work that will be necessary to add the additional training centers that will serve our medical volunteers as well as the volunteers from the Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit and the Ten Kavod project,” he added. “We plan to build new state-of-the-art simulation centers and expand our equipment distribution center. This is more than a building it is a home for our volunteers across Israel to come and train and feel like they have a place to call their own.”

Beer spoke about why it was important to him to have the national headquarters in the country’s capital. “Many organizations have their headquarters in other cities and are okay with that. I feel that it is important that our national headquarters be in the capital of Israel. It is the source of strength for the nation and our headquarters are the source of strength for our volunteers.”


  1. Hatzalah in Israel is nothing like the chareidi Hatzalah in the rest of the world. In Israel, it’s Magen David Adom like the Red Cross, a political organization, not with the same heart as Hatzalah worldwide.

    • How can you say something like this? Perhaps you were rejected by them because you couldn’t meet their standards.
      Hatzalah’s response time is less than two minutes. They care for their patients properly, according to recognized protocols. (I could tell you stories about MDA that would curl your hair.) They have impacted pre-hospital emergency medical care all over the world. And they do it voluntarily. They don’t get paid like MDA’s medics do. When was the last time you ran out of your house at 2:00 AM to help someone, usually a stranger, in need?
      Next time, think before you speak. Siag l’chochma shticka.

      • 3:37 is right on target. Which hatzalah in the world has the issue of not being able to “meet their standards”? Hatzalah, other than Israel, care about each and every patient whether they “meet their standards” or not. Although MDA is “ok”, they’re is DEFINITELY not like Hatzalah in the US and Canada.


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