Can Israel Save The Caribbean?


Following the recent discovery of a miles wide sea of plastic bottles and bags in the Caribbean, plans were afoot for an Israeli company to transform the waste into a usable product, Jerusalem Post reported.

Based in Kibbutz Barkai, forty miles north of Tel Aviv, Infimer Technologies, founded by former naval commando Yuval Tamir,uses breakthrough technology totreat polyethylene and polypropylene waste plastics, which are normally incompatible with each other, and turn them into raw material for the plastic industry.

Without this technology, cleaners would be faced with the impossible task of sorting billions of waste items.

{ Israel News}


  1. There are five of these – called “garbage patches” – in the oceans of this planet. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to be between 700,000 and 15 million square kilometers, the others are smaller but of similar size. The Caribbean patch is part of the Atlantic patch.


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