Hundreds of Graves Desecrated at French Jewish Cemetery, Interior Minister Condemns as ‘Heinous Act’



Hundreds of graves were desecrated at the French Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union, a commune in the Bas-Rhin region in Alsace in north-eastern France, French Jewish news site JSS News reported on Sunday.

In a letter published by the site, France’s Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve condemned the attack “in the strongest terms” and described it as a “heinous act.”

“The Republic will not tolerate this new abuse that harms the values ​​that all the French have in common,” Cazeneuve said, without providing further details on the “desecration.”

The Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union has been the site of two previous attacks. In 1988, sixty Jewish headstones were overturned, and in 2001, 54 graves were vandalized.

The attack is the latest of many in recent months as violence against Jews continues to escalate in the country and on the continent. The violence reached a bloody crescendo last month when four Jews were gunned down by an Islamist terrorist at the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris.

Widespread reports indicate that many Jews are planning to leave the country for Israel or elsewhere.




  1. The horrible reality is that the Reason that France is even a remote place for a jew to go to live anymore these days is just because they were not the most culpable participant in the holocaust.

    In reality, France is an Asylum. There is no convenient hope and there is no convenient honor.

    This is a place of the lesser evil winning the way to the better day.

    Not to think that Europe is any better. Inside any condition of human hope in a bad place is a bad place with no human hope.

    This is a bad year of course for Judaism in Europe and Especially in France, but who can think that it ever really gets better?

    Radical Islam is running the streets all over the darker human continent and now there is more and more anti-semitism in all of the political affairs.

    Move to Israel? Probably ok if you want an easy durable future with problems on all of your borders.

    I would move to America. The only place in a world with horrible dreams is a good place with a constitution.

    Come to America.

    But then, who will shine for the honor of G-d in the dark world of a hated mass?

    Maybe the future is not judenrein but juden exempt. No one should wish to enjoy a community of pagan ways among the past history of paganism.

    America is the future.

    And I think Israel is a good place for a very worried mind.

    G-d bless America.

    I am here to stay.

  2. Ah, yes, come to America, where the president will likely dismiss this as “a random spray-painting on some dead folks in a field”.


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