Muslim Campaigner Claims ‘Zionists Sneaked Into Home As He Slept And Stole His Shoe’


Asghar BukhariAsghar Bukhari, a founder member of Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, said his shoe was stolen while he slept to make him feel “vulnerable”.

Posting on Facebook, he said that one shoe was left behind “to let me know someone had been there” – but the other is still missing.

Bukhari, a harsh critic of Israel, repeated his claims in a bizarre 15-minute video posted on YouTube.

He said: “Muslims can be intimidated in their own houses and the world does not take them seriously.”

Twitter users were quick to mock him, posting jokes with the hashtag #MossadStoleMyShoe – a reference Israel’s intelligence agency.

A tongue-in-cheek petition was launched to demand “the immediate and safe return of Asghar Bukhari’s sandal held hostage by the agents of the Zionist State, the Mossad”.

He hit back, writing: “Zionists and Uncle Toms going bonkers – I’ve waited so long for this.

“Now can I have my shoe back?”

Despite the controversy, Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK confirmed that Bukhari remains a spokesperson for the group.

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  1. hey – MUSLIMS & HAMAS & all other TERRORISTS INTIMIDATE children & women in THEIR houses by shooting ROCKETS, BOMBS, BULLETS, etc.


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