Denouncing ‘Unacceptable Remarks’, Rivlin Promises Equality For Israeli-Arabs

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke out on Monday against ‘unacceptable remarks’ towards Arabs, insisting that ‘all citizens will be equal at the voting booth,” in what appeared to be an implicit yet rare censure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a day after he staunchly defended Israel as “the nation-state not of all its citizens, but only of the Jewish people”.

“Recently, when political thinking is turning all reason on its head, we hear entirely unacceptable remarks about the Arab citizens of Israel. I refuse to believe that there are political parties that have surrendered the character of Israel as a Jewish and democratic, democratic and Jewish, state,” Rivlin said speaking at the Truman Conference commemorating 40 years since the Egpyt-Israeli Peace Treaty.

“There are no first-class citizens, and there are no second-class voters. We are all equal in the voting booth. We are all represented at the Knesset. We love peace, but we must also pursue peace. We must pursue it until we achieve it,” Rivlin declared.

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  1. Such PC it’s repugnant. Israel, by its very nature, was established as a Jewish state. That’s a fact. You can have a Jewish state that still treats its citizens equally and grants other religions their right to practice their religion in freedom. It’s not like the Knesset is passing different sets of laws for Jews and non-Jews. Try having Jews live in Ramallah, see how that works out.

  2. May Hashem help us if Rivlin ch”v becomes PM. He needs to go back to Yeshiva and re-educated himself of everything he’d been taught.


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