El Al Workers’ Union Urges Employees To Join Likud, Stirs Commotion


A letter from El Al’s Chair of the Workers Union, Sharon Ben-Yitzhak, suggested that employees and their families join the Likud Party and stirred a commotion among company workers this week.

“Even if it meant my last day in this company, I wouldn’t vote or join the Likud,” said an employee on the Israeli airline company’s closed Facebook group.

Workers complained that they were told the move “has nothing to do with a political outlook” but is rather a way to push for the company’s interests; many announced that they would reject the suggestion since it clashes with their views.

“I don’t know if I should lough or cry,” wrote an El Al employee in a private Facebook group. “It’s a disgrace that the union even discuses such things and decides that the Likud is the best solution (for the company).”

Read more at Ynet.



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