Hamas Leader’s Son Urges Uniting Against Islam as Endangering All Humanity


The son of a Hamas leader Mosab Hassan Yousef (a/k/a “the Green Prince”) gave an insightful speech at the Jerusalem Post conference in New York yesterday on May 22 urging the free world to unite against Islam itself as a belief system that has resulted in so many murders “in the name of Allah” and that threatens not only Israel, but also all of humanity.

Mr. Yousef noted: “I speak with the authority of experience, not from books or second-hand knowledge, and I don’t represent anyone but myself.” Mr. Yousef’s experiences indeed give him the authority and knowledge to speak out. He grew up as the privileged oldest son of Hamas co-founder and leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, being taught and believing that Jews were evil “enemies of humanity.” He observed Muslim women sending their children to be suicide bombers to obtain honor in their community – while the Hamas leaders enjoyed their privileged lives. Twenty years ago, Mr. Yousef participated in the first intifada and spent months in an Israeli prison, where he read The Jerusalem Post with the intention of learning English – and in the process, learned about Israel and the West. He then spent ten years (1997-2007) undercover (with the code name “Green Prince”), helping Israel’s Shin Bet thwart multiple potential terror attacks against Israeli civilians and assassination plots against Israeli leaders, saving countless lives. He converted to Christianity; obtained asylum in the U.S.; and wrote his autobiography “Son of Hamas,” published in 2010.

In his speech Mr. Yousef stated:

“At some point, I thought the Jewish people were the enemies of humanity. I thought they were the enemies of our people, the Palestinian people, until I came to experience what the Jewish nation really is, through intelligence service, through witnessing the true democratic model, in an ocean of darkness, the only light in the Middle East.”

How dare the hypocrites of BDS compare Israel to the racist regime of South Africa!
“In the Muslim society, I witnessed a woman who sent five of her children to die in suicide bombing attacks. One after another. She would put the explosive belt on them and bless them and say: “Go, kill the Jews!” to gain respect in her society. This is hypocrisy.”

“My father disowned me, because he’s a hypocrite. On a personal level, he’s a loving father. But when he puts the Hamas mask, that he cannot exist without, he’s a monster, he’s something else.”

“We cannot fool ourselves. There’s an Islamic problem: Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, Boko Haram – all of them are killing in the name of Allah. They’re not killing in the name of Jesus. They’re not killing in the name of Jehovah. They’re not killing in the name of Mahavira or the Buddha or Lao-Tsu. They’re killing in the name of Allah.”

“There is an Islamic problem. And I think humanity needs to stand against this danger, because this danger is not only against the State Israel. This danger is against the evolvement of mankind.”

“The Muslim people have a problem. And their problem is in their belief system. They have to face it, and we need to encourage them to fight the good fight. As I did. If I was able . . . You know. I had privileges as the son of a top Hamas leader. I had something to lose. But the average Muslim person [doesn’t] have lots of things to lose. They’re already living in darkness and misery. If they leave it, it’s better for them.”

“Humanity and the free world need to unify, as eventually, even though it was too late, the world unified against Naziism.”

“Today, free people need to unite against Islam, not against the Muslim people. Against Islam itself, as a belief system.”

“When the president of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the climate, he provides the climate, the perfect climate, to create more terrorism.”

“A bunch of hypocrites called BDS comes and compare Israel to the racist regime of South Africa. How can you compare? If it’s the capital of the Jewish people, and the Israeli government are not allowing the Jewish people to worship freely in their capital on their holiest site, for political correctness, not to offend the Muslims, and give them that kind of freedom, how can we compare this to that?”

“I love Israel. I love what Israel stands for. Its ethics. Its values. Its democracy. Its love. A nation that was able to overcome the Holocaust. And instead of playing the victim mentality and blaming everyone for their suffering, they were able to build a state, a democratic state. Make it from a newborn state to an advanced and completely developed state in less than 25 years. This is a great example.”

After Mr. Yousef’s speech, a conference attendee told a ZOA official: “Son of Hamas is saying many of the same things that ZOA has been saying. It’s particularly important to hear it from someone with his experience.”



  1. The safe thought is that this person is ready for leaving a close connection to a hate movement aimed at hate of Israel and associated clearly with those who are purporting hate crimes and terror against human kind and all of mankind today.

    The reality of human interest is not his new faith in non-denominational christianity which is not a higher faith in any god that really exists in the way of the Esau based christian faith, but he may have found nicer people of course who are ready hopefully to help him find some sort of spiritual life and hope that he can bear witness against one of the greatest hate scourges of mankind.

    In my thoughts, he is a very naive man in many ways and he is pandering to Israel for help although clearly give him much credit if he did prevent terror in some of his help with the State of Israel.

    His idea here that we should wage war against Islam is not an advancement in his own voice or his own values of liberty or professional values.

    The scary thing is that this is hate double talk that aims to resist the value of a peaceful islam in the future and it promotes hateful destructive islamophobia.

    The sad ease of this man is that perhaps he could have served as a moderate in the islamic community had he not “accepted jesus” and sent Esau a power wage for the future of his christian faith. Still, he has a voice. I read some of his book and he was weak minded but in the right place with his concerns about the inhuman.

    I would think myself that his tangent new reality as the man who will be the “green prince” to restore a better future for the christian versus islamic faith war is a poor guy. Maybe he is the Gang Green Prince himself having the interests in reducing the islamic eating rights for a good meal that is halal. They can be men who can pursue a freedom and Ishmael was clearly a person born out of wedlock to become a man with many nations of his own offspring.

    Knowing Torah, it would seem that the Green Prince above himself is a man of the world that we must now contend. Worries of his fear of Islam are clearly justified. The louder he gets in their eyes, the more of a hate target he becomes for their crimes of hate.

    Ishmael being a wild animal is never ready to do anything more than bite the innocent. This clearly includes Israel.

    If this man can be effective, he must stay in his own faith as it may evolve and just learn to be a composite of his own human hope. It might help many to see his story of course, but it is scary to think he is now a target and his loud and high profile is a high risk role in human history.

    One can not think that Hashem calls us to destroy Islam with fire or sword but only in cases when Islam becomes Terror Islam. The sad thought is that we can not remove the wild animal of course, but we can hope that a more active moderate movement would help.

    Seriously in all insight, I would be curious if the mental health professionals can help the Islamic radical terror threat by having more diagnostic and treatment causes in many of those communities. Maybe the hate terror can be controlled and maybe there can be more awareness of the hate terror as a mental health issue. One does not know the reasonable in all of these cases, but one can not think that humanity will not ever have Islam in the future especially with the very highly propagated numbers of muslims.

    This is adding a crazy future and I can only hope that hate crimes against muslims are not increased by a man who is now by this article poking hate fun at Islam in the light that he may himself have ongoing psychological issues regarding his eager large detached new role from the muslim society.

    Hard to find rights with christianity also and I am not sure that pandering to Israel for our own safety is going to be the best interest.

    Read his book if you wish. I have yet to finish it myself and it may not be the most important book I am going to read.

    Trust in Hashem. The world is filled with very strange stories, very strange ideas and also very scary people. We can hope he will be safe and find a spiritual journey of human peace and hope. Sounds like he must work much harder.



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