Israel Returns to PA Body of Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Army Veteran in Tel Aviv

Taylor Force,

On Friday night, Israel returned to the Palestinian Authority the bodies of two terrorists, one belonging to a West Bank man who killed an American tourist during a stabbing spree in Jaffa two months ago, BREITBART reports.

Bashar Massalha, 22, from Qalqilya, murdered US citizen Taylor Force and injured 10 others in a rampage along the Jaffa boardwalk on March 8. He was killed by security forces at the scene of the attack.

Force was an American Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

David Steger – Matzav Israel


  1. Super idiots! The government has a way to stop terror and they deliberately don’t do it. Totally meshuga, no words. Keep the bodies till they return our soldiers, one body per soldier, then after that threaten to bury them with pigs, just like the British did, and presto, no more terror! One of their major motivations is to go to Shahidishe Paradise and you can’t get there with a pig. Showing a picture of a body with a dead pig will do the trick. Thank you, Photoshop.

    • Idiots are those that elect the politicians that make all these suicidal, Arab loving, Jew hating moves. The politicians know what they are doing, they are not idiots, they are traitors on the enemy’s payroll.


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