Obama Tells Dems: Turn off CNN, Turn off Fox

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obama4At yesterday’s question and answer session between President Obama and his former Democratic colleagues in the Senate, members got a bit of unexpected TV-viewing advice from the Commander in┬áChief: stop watching politics on TV.Perhaps he’d prefer they tune into WhiteHouse.gov?

The president’s advice came in answer to a question from Sen. Mike Bennet, D-CO, who is facing a difficult re-election fight back home and wanted to know what Democrats and Republicans can do “to fix this institution so that our democracy can actually withstand the test that we’re facing right now.”

“You know what I think would actually make a difference, Michael? I think if everybody here — excuse all the members of the press who are here — if everybody here turned off your CNN, your Fox, your blogs,” Obama said, before being interrupted by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA, who piped up, “And MSNBC!”

Obama, appropriately reminded of the network with shows more friendly to liberals, continued, “Just turn off the TV — MSNBC, blogs — and just go talk to folks out there, instead of being in this echo chamber where the topic is constantly politics. … It is much more difficult to get a conversation focused on how are we going to help people than a conversation about how is this going to help or hurt somebody politically.”

Democrats are worried, on the heels of the upset race in Massachusetts and in the face of increasing anger expressed by their constituents, particularly in red and purple states like Bennet’s. They gathered in Washington at the Newseum for an all-day issues conference that included strategy sessions with White House senior advisor David Axelrod and Democratic strategist Paul Begala.

And among a number of candid admissions from the President Wednesday, which evoked an applause, this: “We’ve got to, I think, get out of the echo chamber. That was a mistake that I think I made last year – was just not getting out of here enough. And it’s helpful when you do.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, who is not much of a fan of political TV and is, himself, perhaps the most endangered Democrat in this 2010 midterm election, apparently liked what he heard. Smiling broadly out at his Democratic Caucus, Reid joked, “Mr. President, you’ve told me — suggested — don’t pay any attention to the blogs, don’t listen to talk radio, don’t watch cable TV. And I follow that advice pretty good.”

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  1. Oppose the Obama-nation propaganda machine
    which seeks to suppress freedom of the press,
    freedom of religion. This a an attempt to reinstitute statism at the expense of the people. (It was implemented in Europe. It was bad then; it is bad now.)

    Obama continuously demonstrates his
    unfamiliarity with the US Constitution.
    He should fire Holder who foolishly gives
    an anemy combattant Miranda rights. (Marxism
    anyone? Groucho Marx would be better than
    this Wise Guy-In-Chief.) Of course, Holder won’t be fired. Obama agrees with Holder’s mindless liberalism.

  2. “Oppose the Obama-nation propaganda machine
    which seeks to suppress freedom of the press,
    freedom of religion”.

    Have you not thought, dear Dr Arnold Berger, that by doing what you urge we would be suppressing freedom of expression itself.

    With respect, I believe you idea to be self-defeating.

    For the next three years, whether we like it or not, Barak Obama is our President. A majority of the American electorate wanted him as their president and – whether or not you like it – there he will stay.

  3. “Have you not thought that by doing what you urge we would be suppressing freedom of expression itself?”

    No, to the contrary, we would be expanding freedom of expression. Let me elaborate:

    One of the greatest aspects of American
    freedom relates to the ideal that it allows
    the active participation of its citizens.

    Unlike tyranny, which still exists, we live in a society that allows the people to shape policy. Thus, our elected officials must answer to us. (That’s the ideal. Watch out for this government. Obama wants absolute power, in my opinion. At least, he intends to augment
    the power of the federal government. That’s dangerous.)

    Upon reviewing the performance of our elected officials, public discussion is necessary to make sure that authority is not abused and freedom is not abridged.

    To that end, the Founding Fathers of this nation codified the principles of freedom speech, press and religion.

    What one must remember is that this
    republic is not ruled by its Executive—the President. The Presidency accounts for only one
    component of the government. To balance power,
    there are two other branches: The Congress
    and the Judiciary.

    Contrary to a monarchy or dictatorship, therefore, this republic is supposed to operate dynamically through three
    branches whose task it is to serve the people.
    (Thus, the people do not serve the government.)

    Consequently, criticism is a vital
    element which ensures maximum justice, efficiency and freedom. (Is it perfect? No. Are
    mistakes made? Yes. Nonetheless, this system works–or at least has operated successfully up to the present.) Therefore, it is important
    to know the issues and not blindly accept what
    your public officials proclaim—and this holds true for the President. (This philosophy holds true regardless of the President’s ideology.)

    Now, of course, Mr. Obama was fairly elected President. No argument from me on that score. But he was not annointed king. (I’m sure you know the difference. To my chagrin, it
    appears that many of the President’s supporters do not know the difference. That is not good.

    If you, Ben Azai, are happy with Mr. Obama’s policies, you will then continue to support him. (That’s your right; by the same token, it’s my right to oppose him in light of his failures as I have attempted to explain in
    various commentaries.)

    But it does not end with the President. Yes, he is duly elected. But that does not mean you must agree with everything
    he says. Furthermore, if you disagree with current policies (I urge you to express your disagreement) then you are entitled to elect members of the opposing party or any other party for Congress in the upcoming Movember elections. In so doing, the people will be exercising their fundamental rights as free citizens—not subjects oppressed by a despot.

    Therefore, it would be wrong for people to support the retrogressive policies of an administration which are inimical to the
    solid foundations of this nation. To make believe everything is fine because your government officials tell you so—why, that would be self-defeating.

    Finally, note should be taken that
    this Administration’s policies are not in sync with most Americans. In particular, Obama’s recent gratuitous initiative to confer
    legal approbation upon sodomy serves 1)no practical purpose, 2) violates legal and moral precedent.

    Is this the only issue? No, but Obama is making a big fuss about it. Why? Because of the homosexualist lobby which has used politics to achieve its immoral objectives. This is an outrage.

    All decent people should contact their congressmen to demand in the name of decency that the President refrain from engaging in such folly.

    The Torah teaches us that HASHEM
    will destroy societies that make such transgressions legal.

    Therefore, it is incumbent upon Jews to
    repudiate all attempts to legalize this abomination—not because fundamental Christians oppose it but rather because HASHEM’s Torah opposes it.

    There are still many decent people left from all walks of life who vehemently oppose the aforementioned transgression.
    Consequently, there is no reason to let this
    ultra-liberal Administration transform this
    fine republic into Sodom and Gemorrah.

    God bless America.

  4. Doctor Arnold Berger should be more concerned for the environment of this country.

    Too much hot air causes global warming.

    Fewer words and more chochma please, Arnie!


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