Orphaned Siblings May Soon Be Homeless



Being the youngest in the family has its advantages, but when your family falls apart it’s not so fun anymore. Tzofia was the youngest daughter of a frum familly in Tiveria. Pampered by her doting mother, she was really a princess. The well-to-do family provided their children with everything, until tragedy struck.
Tzofia’s mom was sick with cancer for over two years. The aggressive disease made her pale and weak, and the expensive treatments drained the family finances. They were left with nothing. Then, Tzofia’s mom passed away. Her world collapsed. Tzofia’s father is broken and unable to care for his children.
With no one to take care of them the siblings are forced to fend for themselves. After being bounced around from family to family, the siblings are now living together in a small and crowded apartment. They are trying their hardest to remain together, with family.

The siblings are struggling to pay the rent, to pay for food – and without help they may soon be homeless. An emergency fund has been set up to help the siblings pay their rent. “Please help us through this terrible time,” says Tzofia in a moving video. Tzofia is determined to keep her family together whatever it takes.

All they want is a normal family, a normal family as possible without parents. In the video, Tzofia’s face brightens as she promises to pray for those who help her and her siblings.



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