Watch: Could Donna Brazile Have Replaced Clinton As Dem Nominee?

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Political panel weighs in on DNC scandals on ‘America’s News HQ.’




  1. How can Al say there was no rigging in the election when there’s no way in the world the MINORITY DEMOCRATS can gain more than 20-25% of the American public? Even Obama’s and previous Democratic Presidents victories were because of rigging and fraud. This can be easily proven once President Trump cleans up all electoral machines, etc.

    The DNC had no money because they spent the money buying off the fake polls to make Trump look like a loser.
    The DNC raised $516 million for Clinton, compared to $205 million that the Republicans raised for Trump.
    The DNC spent $142.20 million against Trump, compared to $11.5 million that the Republicans spent against Clinton.
    And the DNC are still wasting money on anti-Trump propaganda with fake Dossiers (as Hillary admitted) and other Russian nonsense.


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