Watch: Yehudah Glick Visits Har Habayis for Last Time Prior to Becoming Knesset Member

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Temple Mount “activist” and soon-to-be Likud Member of Knesset Yehuda Glick seized his final opportunity on Monday morning to visit the Har Habayis, in violation of the p’sak of the greatest poskim.

Glick, an American-born outspoken advocate for Jewish prayer on the Har habayis, has long ignored the rulings of the poskim forbidding visiting the Har Habayis nowadays.

Currently, parts of the Har Habayis are open to visits by small groups of Jews, but only Muslims may pray or perform any acts of worship, per a “status quo” agreement set up by Prime Minister Netanyahu with the Islamic Waqf and the Kingdom of Jordan, due to fear of Islamic violence.

Members of Knesset have also been banned by order of the prime minister from visiting the Jewish people’s holiest site due to fear of the Islamists using the officials’ visit as a flashpoint to set off further terror attacks against Israelis.

Glick has said he would not defy the ban and would call to allow Jewish prayer on the site “from within the Knesset.”

Glick was previously banned from visiting the Har Habayis due to fears by the police that his presence would cause Arab riots and uproar. After being acquitted of the false charge of harassing an Arab woman on the Har Habayis, he was finally granted re-entry to the site three months ago over the police’s objections.

He barely survived an assassination attempt when he was shot by an Arab-Islamic gunman outside Yerushalayim’s Begin Center in October 2014, following a conference concerning the Jewish presence on the Har Habayis. According to Glick, before opening fire the gunman told him, “you are an enemy of Al-Aqsa.”

He was placed at the back of the Likud slate for the Knesset in the last election and did not get a seat. However, after last week’s resignation by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Glick will be sworn in as the newest member of Knesset representing the Likud party. He officially assumed the position on Monday night at 11 p.m.

Video of Glick’s last visit to the Har Habayis before becoming an MK:

By Joshua B. Dermer/Tazpit News Agency

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  1. If he was a true and passionate activist he wouldn’t assume a position that precludes him from visiting the site he claims is so important to him.
    What a fraud!
    Just goes to show his intention, besides for being against virtually all major poskim, was all about the attention and now he’s got it in a different manner so he doesn’t need to go.

  2. The political position he is in now puts him in a better position to make change. Those that go up do so to make a “machah” to show that the makom is still “ours”.

  3. Let’s use all the righteous anger towards the thieves that usurped Har habais and contaminate it every day, not towards a Jew that paskins like other poskim that permit going up to some parts of Har Habais.


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