Woman Posts eBay Listing to Dress Tzniusdik for a Week

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tznius-ebayThis story gets filed under “Weird.”

A woman, wishing to see how much someone is willing to pay for her to dress according tohalacha standards, placed a post on eBay bidding off the zechus to pay her to wear modest clothing for one week – as defined by whatever sefer the winner chooses.

The following are some excerpts from the eBay post:

You are bidding to pay me to wear modest clothing for one week…. I usually wear a sheitel or a hat outside

I know the mitzvah of tznius is important to you so here’s your chance to prove it!

The cost per day is 50 dollars, so the minimum bid will have to be at 300 for 6 days. In return, I will wear tznius attire, as defined by whichever sefer you like. I am happy to send to you a maximum of 10 pictures per day (through email) so you can feel assured that I am, in fact, wearing the clothing that you have paid for. The 6 days will start from the moment the auction ends.

Feel free to contact me with questions before you place your bid.

The listing ended on Sunday, with an eBay shopper paying $350 for the zechus of this Jewish woman to dress modestly.

Thought this world couldn’t get stranger, huh?

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. went to go bid and bidding was over at 350.00. Ms, your idea is very noble , but be aware that the Mitzvah is worth much more than 350.00. You already cover your hair, so just go all the way and do it right and make H-ashem proud of you. You have no idea the effect it will have on you and your family . Hatzlocha !

  2. However,

    Based on the premise and reading her responses,

    I guess she has not read the posuk of v’Loh tihyeh kedaisha bivnos yisroel.

  3. This woman did this in response to a thread on a website for Jewish women. There was a discussion about what is worse, theft or “having a skirt above the knee”. She got very mad when people said it was better to steal (which hurts just the thief and the victim) than it is to wear a skirt slightyl above the kneee (because it ‘hurts’ everyone that seees)

    Her claim was, if people cared more about her level of tznius (and she is already frum/tznius) than their money, then they should be willing to ‘lose’ $50 a day /$350 a week to make sure she dressed to the standards of the bidder’s Rav.

  4. o#12:you seem to be familiar with this person;if she, and all others who have difficulty with the concept that one’s dressing not in accordance with the standards of Tznius,were to be aware of what seforim write of the damage done to those drawn to look-and the damage they do to their own neshomos they would realize it’s simply an act of their yetzer and not worth it…!


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