Ex-British Ambassador: Trump Left Iran Deal To Spite Obama


Former British ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch said in a memo that President Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal to spite former President Barack Obama in an act of “diplomatic vandalism,” The Daily Mail reported, citing leaked cables and briefing notes.

Darroch reportedly made the claim about the Iran deal in May 2018 after then-foreign minister Boris Johnson unsuccessfully visited the White House to try to persuade Trump not to abandon the deal, according to The Daily Mail.

“The Administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons – it was Obama’s deal,” Darroch wrote, according to The Daily Mail.

“Moreover, they can’t articulate any ‘day-after’ strategy; and contacts with State Department this morning suggest no sort of plan for reaching out to partners and allies, whether in Europe or the region.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. There’s nothing wrong in dismantling everything Obama did. Obama hates Jews and America. We’re well rid of him.


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