Samsung Offers New ‘Kosher’ Smartphone

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Samsung, in partnership with the Israeli company Askan, has debuted a “kosher” smartphone for users seeking to avoid religiously offensive content.

“We chose Askan as a partner because the company helps the charedi society, which wants to make use of smart mobile devices, and gain access to our advanced instruments in complete conformity with their lifestyle,” said Guy Hibash, director of Samsung Israel’s enterprise division.

Askan creates technology that can program phones with Internet filters in order to block content that charedi users would consider offensive. The “kosher” operating system will run on various Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S6 and S7 series as well as the A5 and J1 models.

Rav Tzvi Braverman, a dayan from Beitar Illit in Israel, approved the new device.




  1. Which idiot put the Iphones there? its Samsung! and European Chosid its not your place to judge people who look at their phones during shmoneh esrai.

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