WATCH: Secular Taxi Driver Attacks Chareidi Jews In Yerushalayim After They Blocked The Road During Eurovision Hafgana

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  1. Looks like they brought little children, below school age, to help block the road? They should be arrested for child endangerment.

    • You have no problem with the animal driving the van, huh? The only that bothers you is that holy Jews stick up for Kavod Shamayim. Your comments says everything about your yiras Shamayim.

      • In response to you and “Moishi”, I can only ask the following: What if these road blockers were Palestinians and the driver did exactly the same thing? Why should this apparently clueless person know the difference between these road blockers and Palestinians? Has it ever crossed your minds (or perhaps you are too holy to ever be near the letters of “cross”) that the driver has no connection to the events in Tel Aviv (the headline places the video in Yerushalayim) and it makes no more sense for them to block him than it would make sense for him and his friends to block the entrances to shuls and Yehsivahs in order to protest the Tel Aviv event?

        In fact, how do you even know that he wasn’t on his way at that very moment to stop the whole Tel Aviv event in its tracks and now these road blockers who prevented him from doing so?

        So stop asserting things that neither you nor they know anything about. Non of you know him, non-of-you known that G-d wanted this public Chillul Hasehm, and the fact that non-of-you care about the welfare of the children here is beyond any civilized behaviour.

        Do you think we are so stupid as to believe this is about Shabbos? I expect the readership here to be smart enough to understand this is about finding any excuse to simply hate the government and everyone else and to tout their own imagined superiority and delusional supremacy.

      • With all due respect, they are like the Palestinians using children to push their agenda. They are putting them in sakanah and have a din of a rodef. The driver being michallel shabbos is wrong and very sad, but this is an absolute chill hashem. Please tell me if you think this guy will eve keep shabbos now because of this. How many times did he go back and forth because of them and that’s additional chillul shabes on their cheshbon.

      • ask yourselves why the brought children. nobody brings children to a protest. especially one that involves blocking vehicles. you think it’s a joke. one wrong move on the peddle.

  2. Hey Georgeg,
    In your opinion should the secular driver also be arrested? Since you don’t mention anything about this MAMZER

  3. In my opinion an hafgana or protest is where you have leaders giving their followers chizuk in support of what they hold. Yell , shout, as long as you follow the rule of law. say thillim and move on. What I see is hoolignisim and a chillul haShem.

  4. Now this is the perfect way to be mekarev this tinuk shenishbu. Next week I can see him donning a streimel and bekeshe and even bringing in shabbos an extra 10 min earlier because he was so impressed by their behavior and he is now a chozer bitshuvah.

  5. Rabotai, if a permit had been issued would you also preach the same preservation of rights for the driver? Granted there were likely no permits but does that permit the driver to come out swinging a bat? Posters above seem to feel he’s justified!

  6. I don’t get it. Why were they only blocking this taxi van but not the other vehicles going in the opposite direction? If Chillul Shabbos they are concerned with, why only this guy? Seems strange.

  7. its amazing to c how these self hated frum yidden stick up for a animal texi driver who hates uuuuuuuuuuuuuu and wish hitler would kiil ur grandparents over an erlicha yid who u might not agree with his hashkafa . just bec hes not zionest … get it thru ur head they hate u if u if u like the torah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • or maybe just maybe the guy just wants to make a living. go home to his family at night and enjoy their company in the security of having a job!

  8. Why davka this taxi? Because it is part of the taxi company based in Rechov Haneviim that operates 24/7.
    Why protest? If people don’t get it, then they have a real problem.
    The idea is not to be mekarev this “Jew.” The idea is to stand up for Hashem’s kavod, in His holy city, on His holy day.
    Would he become frum by seeing people condone chillul Shabbos? Do you know anyone who became frum by seeing frum people be “understanding” about blatant chillul Shabbos? Oh, he doesn’t know what Shabbos is? Really? He had no idea that you’re not allowed to drive?
    And the person who suggests that he made more chillul Shabbos by turning, etc. You don’t know how a car engine works, so first find out and then you’ll realize your comment is just plain ignorant.


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